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So I had a conversation with someone today and they were saying how photographers are all over nowadays. Then I got on Facebook and saw some pictures someone took of a wedding.

First things first.

Just because you have a fancy camera doesn’t mean you’re a photographer. Shooting on automatic doesn’t cut it. Now, I know I’m still learning how to use manual, and sometimes, it’s my fall back just to be sure I don’t screw something up that’s important, but I at least try.

Second, editing. If you’re doing someone’s wedding, you really should edit them. If you do screw up and it’s a bit dark, you can lighten it. Power lines. Now, I don’t have anything fancy for editing, so I couldn’t just photoshop it out… But as a photographer, it’s your job to know your surroundings. If you don’t have the ability to photoshop something out, adjust your position.

Third. Tongues hanging out?? Yeah that’s professional. I’m all for fun pictures, but really? It’s a wedding. Put the tongues back in your mouth.

Even after all the reading, and studying, hours of editing, and practice pictures I’ve taken, I still don’t think I have the right to call myself professional. And i know people have to start somewhere, but this one instance that I’m thinking of, it wasn’t their first shoot. Ok, I think I’m done now:)

This was actually a video taken with my gopro. I’m in love with it<3

This was actually a video taken with my gopro. I’m in love with it<3